Razzle Dazzle Girl Boss Glitter, Extra Fine Multi-Purpose Glitter Powder for Body, Face, Nail, Festival Decoration| Glitter for Slime Art, Crafts, Scrapbook and Jewelry

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COSMETIC GRADE: Our Glitter is made of high intensity pigment color with good Quality assured. Glitter is 100% cosmetic grade, skin safe and suitable for use on the face, body, hair and nail.

NON-IRRITATING INGREDIENTS: Razzle Dazzle Girl Boss Glitter is Allergy Tested, hypoallergenic and specially formulated using the highest quality, non-irritating ingredients. It is suitable for all ages and all types of skin.

MULTIPLE USES: These glitters can be used on acrylics nails, face and any part of the body as stage cosmetic glitter decorations. And can be used as decorations in resin crafts, scrapbooks, phone cases, DIY crafts, etc.
GLITTER FOR TUMBLERS: This Disco Ball Glitter is Holographic glitter. Use Razzle Dazzle glitters to decorate your epoxy tumblers or resin coasters for a stylish attractive look. This fine holographic glitter is ideal for tumblers, DIY slime making, nail art, handcrafts, stage project, card, posters, customized garments and so on
SAFE & DURABLE GLITTERS: Safe for use with children - Add that sparkle to their everyday lives! These glitters are cosmetic-grade glitter, which is Gentle to the skin, so they can be directly applied to the face, body, nail, etc.

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