Razzle Dazzle cloud 9 White Iridescent Chunky Mix Glitter | High Quality| Non Toxic, Safe to use, Perfect for nail art, DIY Crafts, Resin Art

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CLOUD 9 WHITE IRIDESCENT- Razzle Dazzle Cloud 9 white Iridescent Chunky Mix glitter is made of different size of circles. It is Holographic Glitter for Creative Arts, DIY, Nail decoration, body art.
AESTHETICALLY-It Provides you aesthetically as light look to your crafts; help build glittering effect naturally. A great Choice for DIY, makeup, body art, hair, eyebrows, eyeshadows.
GREAT CHOICE- Perfect for Card Decoration, tattoo art, Christmas ornaments making etc. It can also be used to make jewelry shinny and attractive. It will enhance shine to your ornaments and make them New and beautiful. 
GIRLS FAVOURITE- Our Glitters are girl’s favorite choice to make nail cool and attractive, makeup, eyebrows, eyeshadows, hair, glitter lip gloss. Our Glitter can be used for daily makeup, mermaid makeup.
BE AN ARTIST- Feel like an artist while using this glitter to your Crafts, Arts, Painting, Handcrafts, projects. An Ideal for Art lovers. Best for decoration of resin art crafts, to make Impressive Greeting cards.

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