Razzle Dazzle Zodiac Glitter - Cosmetic Safe, Crafts, Resin Arts, Making Tumblers, Decoration, DIY, Personal Care, Epoxy, Shimmering, Powder, Nail, Durable

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RAZZLE DAZZLE ZODIAC CHUNKY MIX GLITTER: Razzle Dazzle Zodiac is a chunky mix of gold and light pink stars as well as small golden hex shapes. Zodiac chunky mix glitter is a best quality glitter you will ever find to using for multi-purpose.
MULTI-PURPOSE PREMIUM GRADE GLITTER: Razzle Dazzle Zodiac comes with light pink stars and small golden hex shapes that can enhance the look of anything to the next level where ever you apply it. Ideal glitter for Christmas decoration, event, part, Halloween, art and craft, fancy dress competition and much more.
HIGH QUALITY CHUNKY MIX GLITTER: The best thing about this glitter is that it will shine at every single angle especially when it comes to the contact of natural light or lamp light. The color of the premium grade glitter will not fade overtime.
EASY TO USE: Awesome craft glitter for DIY projects, we personally recommend our customer that it is suitable for making glitter slime, party ornaments, greeting cards, acrylic painting, paper crafting and much more.
PERFECT ADDITION: It is fabulous addition for nail, Our Razzle Dazzle glitter will let you stand out beautifully and fashionably, and please feel to let us know if you are having trouble with our Razzle Dazzle glitters.

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