Razzle Dazzle Valley Girl Glitter- Cosmetic Nail Glitter, Glitter for Resin Arts Crafts, Multi-Purpose Making Tumblers, Silicon Molds, Phone Cover Cards, Nail

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MULTI-PURPOSE PREMIUM GLITTER: Cosmetic safe, add sparkle to anything, the possibilities are endless, flowers, nails, glass, perfect for art. Every single glitter has been properly checked and for extra quality control for extra safety and peace of mind.
VEGAN AND ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE: It comes in high quality and great for adding sparkle to event and home decoration projects. It can be easily applied to any surface using clear drying and sealer.
FADE RESISTANT & SOLVENT RESISTANT: Valley Girl is a holographic deep purple-pink fine cut glitter it is convenient to use and enough long lasting. This glitter can be used for giving new look to your old household items. It is best for making tumblers and school projects.
NO COMPROMISE WITH QUALITY: Quality is our top priority this Razzle Dazzle Valley Girl Glitter can be the perfect gift for any of the art and craft lover in your surroundings. It will not chemically react with epoxies it is multi-purpose and any among you may also use for fingernail polish.
NAIL ART SUPPLIES: It is safe glitter for kids, shines like stars, simple and easy to use, decorate anything and create the beautiful pieces of art. A true art and craft lover or artist can make the best creation of all time by using Razzle Dazzle Glitter.

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