Razzle Dazzle Sunshine Glitter- Bright Yellow Glitter, for Nail Arts, Body, Eyes Makeup, Making Tumblers, Resin Crafts, Slime Making, Cards Making, Premium in Quality

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PREMIUM IN QUALITY: This Razzle Dazzle Sunshine Glitter is very Safe and Premium. A beautiful glitter which is made in the finest quality. You will feel great after buying this Glitter.
STYLING: Our cosmetic grade glitters are very versatile and multi-use. Pop some under the eye like glam glitter tears, or on the cheekbones for a radiant glow. We like hair that is mixed with braids or dyed in the middle of the split ends. On the body, dust some on the necks and shoulders with a beautiful radiant effect.
USES FOR: Body Shimmer, Body Glitter, glitter eyeshadow, body glitter, face glitter, nail glitter, hair glitter, hair glitter for kids, glitter for crafts, glitter for making tumblers, for making silicone molds, for making slimes, for making school projects.
EASY-TO-APPLY: Apply as needed! Sticks to hair and skin. Whether you want to go to a party everything is amazing or just fun and harmless with glitter. We caught you! Really.
EASY TO REMOVE:  As easy as pie! Easy as pie! Just shower or wash areas where glitter is used with soap. Our Sunshine glitter lasts all day but comes out when you want it. A non-toxic high-quality glitter, children can also play with this glitter.

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