Razzle Dazzle Sugar Cube Glitter Cosmetic Nail Glitter, Arts Crafts, for Making Tumblers, Silicon Molds, Decoration Cards, Face, Phone Cover Premium Shiny Gift Christmas

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EASY TO REMOVE: It contains high quality and great for adding sparkle to event and home décor projects. You may easily apply it to any surface using clear drying glue and sealer. This Premium Glitter is Very Easy to remove just use some water to remove this Glitter.
IDEAL CHOICE: The Sugar Cube glitter is an ideal choice to decorate any event or party to the next level. Make the best attractive stars and other eye-catching party design with this glitter in the comfort of your own place.
FOR MAKING TUMBLERS: This Glitter is an Ultra Fine Cut White Premium Glitter Which is Perfect for Making Tumblers, Silicone Molds, and also Good for nail arts. Safe Glitter for Children’s.
COLOR: This Glitter Color is White with very subtle reflections of light blue. You Can use this Glitter in Making School Projects, Resin Crafts, making Greeting Cards and many types of decorative things.
SAFE FOR CHILDRENS: This Glitter contains non-toxic ingredients that makes this glitter a very safe glitter for children’s, they can use this glitter in making projects, for playing purposes, and many for creative ideas.

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