Razzle Dazzle Polar Bear Glitter- White Glitter, Acrylic Painting, Making Tumblers, Epoxy Resin, Art and Crafts, Greeting Cards, Makeup, Body, Face, Nail Art, High-Quality

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SAFE FOR SKIN: This Razzle Dazzle Polar Bear glitter is an ultra-fine glitter which is made with selective ingredients. When you use this glitter on your body it is will not harm your skin. We made high quality glitters.
NAIL ART AND MAKEUP: This glitter is a perfect glitter for nail art and makeup you can use this glitter under your eyes for an amazing and attractive look. You can add this glitter with your nail polish to increase the beauty of your nails.
MAKING TUMBLERS: Use this glitter in making tumblers and give them an extraordinary look. Use this glitter on decorating glasses, Wine glasses and also other glass items to make them look fantastic.
FADE RESISTANT: Colorfast and fade resistant Razzle Dazzle Ultra Fine Premium Multi-Purpose Glitter will not leak any colour when applied. The glitter will not fade easily, like other competitors
MULTIPLE USES: Glitter is everywhere, Razzle Dazzle Polar Bear glitter is super creative for DIY lovers, almost suitable for every craft project, flowers, cards making, scrapbooking, party decorations, festival ornament, kids activities, resin art or painting.

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