Razzle Dazzle Margarita Glitter- Cosmetic Safe, Crafts, Ideal for Resin Arts Crafts, Fine Slime, Multi-Use Making Tumblers, Silicon Molds, Decoration, Scrapbooking, Nail

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LONG LASTING SHINE: Razzle Dazzle Margarita is a vibrant green fine cut glitter, it is completely child safe, ideal for nail art, safe for use with children, makeup, body art, it can be used for multi-purpose, color will not fade and shine last for enough time.
CAN BE REMOVED EFFORTLESSLY: Many times, you would have experienced that it becomes quite hard to remove the glitter, but we guaranteed ensure you that out Razzle Dazzle Glitter can be easily removed effortlessly with some water.
MULTI-PURPOSE: This Margarita vibrant green fine cut glitter is ideal for theatre props, floral arrangements, ornaments, face mask, fancy dress competition, phone cover, tumblers, silicon molds, cosmetic use and many more.
USABLE FOR EVERYONE: Our glitters are not only usable for adult but kid’s may also use it for making their school projects more attractive and classier modern. If any model uses if for her makeup and photoshoot guaranteed she is going to look superb amazing.
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Our glitters are environment friendly, ideal for fashion influencer, with the help of our glitter anything can be decorated anytime, anywhere, it is free of skin irritation, best choice for art and craft lover.

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