Razzle Dazzle Lilly Pad Light Green Glitter Powder Color | Shimmering Fine Cut Sparkles for Nail Arts, | Holographic Glitter, Sparkle Powder for Art & Craft, Resin Art

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LIGHT GREEN- Razzle Dazzle Lilly Pad is a light green shimmering fine cut glitter that gives an attractive and beautiful look to your decorations and accessories which will be special and charming. Use for Arts and crafts to color or accessories texture items.
Use for Various Fashion - Our glitter can be used alone or on top of Nails. It can be used for various fashion cultures like body art, tattoo art, to glam face, shine your eyebrows or eyeshadows, Decorate your party ornaments etc.
ATTRACTIVE AND SHINY- Razzle Dazzle glitter sticks easily with any type of glue, and Float on top of Glue Art. Use Our Glitter with glue rather than using ink on your greeting cards. Sprinkle your greeting cards with this glitter and they will look attractive and shiny.
Perfect fof Engineers- Perfect choice for engineers to give astonishing look to their electronics item or acrylics, glass, Perspex or Plexiglas (one of the most kind is to use in clear acrylic sheet.) like making resin jewelry, resin keychains,
USE FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS- Feel like a glitter queen use it for daily makeup, mermaid makeup, or for special occasions like weddings, night parties, birthdays, events, etc. Men can also use it to add sparkle shine to their beards for Special events.

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