Razzle Dazzle Lemon Zest Glitter- Cosmetic Safe, Crafts, Ideal for Resin Arts Crafts, Fine Slime, Multi-Use Making Tumblers, Silicon Molds, Decoration, Scrapbooking, Nail

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HIGH-CAPACITY CRAFT GLITTER: Razzle Dazzle Lemon Zest is an ultra-fine bright yellow glitter, that can be used for giving a new fine amazing modern look to your phone cover, old household item/articles, wall painting, for making resin art, tumbler and so on.
WIDELY USE AND FADE RESISTANT: Use this Lemon Zest ultra fine bright yellow glitter for decoration of any event, wedding, birthday party, Halloween, fancy dress competition, photo shoot, art and craft, tumbler, this Lemon Zest ultra fine glitter will not fade over time.
TERRIFIC CHOICE FOR CRAFTS & BEAUTY: By using the Razzle Dazzle Lemon Zest ultra fine glitter the possibilities of beauty are endless, works perfectly for nail art, its vibrant color shine likes stars that seems more amazing when it comes in the contact light.
SUPER SPARKLE: This Lemon Zest ultra fine bright yellow glitter can be also used for learning nail art, makeup and costume designing. It works great and mix and matches with almost every single premium quality glitters.
ULTRA FINE BRIGHT YELLOW GLITTER: Our glitters shines and last for enough period of time, durable and convenient to use, simple and shines perfectly, with the help our premium professional quality glitter decorates anything, anytime, anywhere.

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