Razzle Dazzle Dreamsicle Glitter- Orange Glitter, Nail Art, Resin Crafts, Makeup, Making Tumblers, Slime Making, Christmas Decoration, Scrapbooking, School Project, Safe

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PREMIUM QUALITY: Our ultra-fine orange color Dreamsicle glitter is very high in quality. Which is used to making Soaps, Candles and many kinds of different items. The ingredients used in the making of this glitter are very selective to make it super shiny glitter.
SAFE FOR SKIN: Does not harm on your skin you can use this glitter on your body, face, shoulders, also perfect glitter for makeup purpose. The Color and shine are very long lasting of Dreamsicle Glitter. Non-Toxic and Safe glitter for Children’s.
ULTRA-FINE GLITTER: Ideal Glitter for School projects or trying out our fantastic glitter colors. This glitter Will Provide extra sparkle to your nails, makeup, cosmetic body art, hair, beards or use it to add some glitz and charm to your party to add that additional sparkle to surprise your guests.
MAKING TATTOOS: You can also use this glitter for making tattoos, gloss up your tattoos with this ultra-fine glitter and add a premium shine in your tattoos. With glitter your tattoo will look more fantastic and attractive.
CLAY ARTS WITH MOLDS: Razzle Dazzle Dreamsicle is perfect for making clay arts using molds. just take your favorite mold and add some glitter on clay according to your needs and press the clay with mold and you will get a beautiful looking clay art.

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