Razzle Dazzle Cotton Candy Glitter Cosmetic Nail Glitter, Arts Crafts, for Making Tumblers, Silicon Molds, Cards, Face, Christmas, Phone Cover Premium Shiny Gift Christmas

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SUITABLE FOR BEGINNER: This cotton Candy is a pink and light yellow translucent chunky mix of different sized hexes and stars. This cotton candy is not only for nail art, this glitter can be widely used for crafts, paints, arts, school projects, for event decoration ever it is suitable for nail art beginner.
ITCHING & IRRITATION FREE: It is a perfect gift choice for an art lover and this glitter can be used in so many ways, kid may also use it, teenager may use it, adult may use it. After applying this glitter on your body you will not suffer from any skin itching, or irritation.
PERFECT FOR FASHION INFLUENCER: Glitter is usable for slime making, Christmas, for music festival, carnival and many more, this glitter will make you look more beautiful, blonde and attractive. It is an ideal gift for any of the fashion model or fashion influencer you know in your surroundings.
PREMIUM QUALITY: If you compare this cotton candy glitter with any of the similar category glitter surely you will find our cotton candy glitter more beneficial and comfortable to use. It shines for long time and even it shine more in when it comes in the contact of light.
ART AND CRAFT LOVER CHOICE: An art and craft lover can make or remake thousands of items by using this cotton candy glitter. If this cotton candy glitter is not there in you kit then surly your kit is incomplete, buy it ASAP to complete your kit.

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