Razzle Dazzle Bubble Gum Glitter Cosmetic Nail Glitter, Arts Crafts, for Making Tumblers, Silicon Molds, Decoration Cards, Face, Phone Cover Premium Shiny

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PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM QUALITY: Premium quality cosmetic glitter power, enough durable its color and shine doesn’t fade and this bubble gum pink glitter does not lose its color. This Glitter is best and suitable for quick and easy use, does not irritate the skin and gives every individual fine amazing look.
BRIGHTER AND DURABLE: This pink color bubble gum glitter is safe and suitable to use on all skin types, it is an ideal choice for makeup or dress up. It shines like star and when it comes in the contact of light then becomes more shiner and brighter.
SAFE AND EASY TO USE: If any among you love to restore the old house hold item then that particular individual must buy this because this pink bubble gum may enhance the quality of your any of the item by applying it on those items to the next level.
COMPLETELY CHILD SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: This glitter can also be used to decorate your old bottle, phone cover, wall or car. Its shiny color attractive. It is also helpful to school students to decorate their school project. Make beautiful pieces of art with this glitter and share your precious art.
MULTI PURPOSE: This bubble gum pink glitter is multi-purpose and it works perfectly in very condition it can be used for makeup or for decorating something. Everyone out there, who is a makeup artist, must use this for once in his life, guaranteed our product will satisfy him or will satisfy all his expectation.

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